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To show and tell well, with intelligence and brilliance
To make your message clear, concise, compelling
To captivate your audience in a challenging era of short attention spans, and bring clarity to complexity

Ironman 2

First Magazine - Feature cover
Society for News Design

30 things you need to know about Brazil

The New Paper - Infographic
Society for News Design

Kelong King

The New Paper - Graphic novel series on corruption in football betting
Society for News Design

Dinos Alive

The New Paper - Infographic on how dinosaurs in Walking With Dinosaurs live show were created
Society for News Design

Bridge over Mumbai

The New Paper - Infographics
Society of Publishers in Asia

The Sewn Ship

The New Paper - Infographic of a 9th century replica ship gifted to Singapore from Oman
Society of Publishers in Asia

The Making of Singapore Flyer

The New Paper - Infographic
World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers

Avengers feature

First Magazine

Batman v Superman

TNP - Promotional ad cover

Man of Steel

First Magazine - feature

Neymar's brain

The New Paper - Sports

Premier League feature

The New Paper - Sports

Orchard in the future feature

The New Paper - News

Cartoon ad series

GEM Residences

Dr Money

The New Paper - Investment Column

Deep storage - Jurong Rock Caverns

The New Paper - News

Marina Coastal Expressway

The New Paper - News

Flower Dome


Singapore Underground City

The New Paper - News

Gain City flagship store directional graphic

Gain City/TNP

Graphic novel on the birth of SG currency


Graphic Novel on Lee Kuan Yew's life

The New Paper - News

The Jay Chow story

Bugis Junction/TNP

Graphic novel on Singapore's water history

Ministry of Communication and Information

CPF explained

Central Provident Fund/The New Paper

Structural infographic on Singapore's water supply

Ministry of Communication and Information

Government white paper on population roadmap

The New Paper - News

Pioneer generation package

The New Paper - News

Who is the Winter Soldier?

The New Paper Movies interactive feature
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Marvel Universe

The New Paper Movies interactive feature
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Audi A8

Advertorial for The Straits Times Brand Insider
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What the future of manufacturing holds
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Shop & Win - GSS 2018

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40 Years of Lovin' It - McDonald's 2019

History of McDonald's: 40 years of the Golden Arches in Singapore - Long-form storytelling website
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PLay The Game - McDonald's 2019

History of McDonald's: 40 years of the Golden Arches in Singapore Can you spot your favourite McDonald's items within the time limit? - Brand engagement game
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The World Through My Eyes - NCSS 2019

Online experience what autism might feel like - Interactive game
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Infographics with cartoon. Storytelling fun map.

Celebrating 50 years of Asean

4 reasons why ASEAN transport infrastructure is important

Health with Care

3D Infographics to introduce NTFGH's new holistic approach to healthcare

Jurong Health

3D infographics to introduce the integrated healthcare hub in Jorong

Little India Riot

Infographics to explain what happend based on Traffic Police investigations

Earth in Crisis

Visual map with text and data

Jubilee Big Walk

3D map with sketches to show monuments and moments

How it works

Infographics to show and tell how the machines in movies work in the real life

A Map to SG 2015

Infographics map to recap momorable local events happened in the past year

Waterfront Oasis

3D floor guide map with photos

The Lasting Power of Attorney & You

Listicle solution with visuals. How to make a will for peace of mind

Whale of a find

Listicle style article with data and 3D graphics

A to Z of Sea Games

A-Z alphabet listicles infographics

Red, White & Sold!

Cool items to celebrate Singapore 50. Price tag format infographics